Two years after their eponymous debut, the experimental folk duo A Perfect Friend is back with the new album TIMBER AND MODERN WAYS, After a happy divorce from their previous label, the new album will be released via Knoppar late 2009. C-J Larsgården and Thomas Jonsson have indeed finetuned their expression during the last years and found a dense balance between the catchy and the experimental, between noise and ambience. Compared to their 2007 debut, TIMBER AND MODERN WAYS though noticable progress and increased density, still features APF's patented trademarks of long notes, minimalistic guitar and pianos, their silent pop nerve, the field recordings, Larsgården's sonic landscapes and Jonsson's vocals. APF mixes the neu-folk feeling of stuff like Akron/Family, Bon Iver and early Cat Power with the one of experimental and ambient acts such as Fennesz, Mogwai and Panda Bear.

The album's ten tracks have been picked from a number of recording sessions made in different locations; in different apartments, a wooden cabin and a hotel room. The track list includes the warm soothing electronics of MAPLE and TIMBER AND MODERN WAYS, the dark folk tune BRANCH FEVER, the upbeaty ONION, folkpoppy SAIL THE SOIL (featuring Emma Sarius), the dystopic THE ARTIFICIAL LUNG and the sound collage of PONTOON.

During the last few years, C-J has been busy releasing numerous works with his drone-metal solo project ONDO as well as being active in projects, bands and collaborations such as Pacta, Kane, Larsgården/Rowenta and Yrsel. Thomas has toured frequently all over Europe on his latest album The Lake Acts Like an Ocean as indie/folk-alias Thomas Denver Jonsson. He is currently finishing the recordings of a conceptual album about polar expeditions.




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